15Feb 2015

At at the end of a tough day in Le Mans an number of us were let off and we were able to do a couple of tours around the track.!

Watched by the Chairman (by the door without a helmet).
Peter and his Driver went around the very wet course at over 200km/h.

15Apr 2010

We are interested in ships of every size. Peter was co-ordinator of a small Anglo-French team of experts that spent a few days aboard,

22Jan 2009

1) Le secrétaire du Comité Neil Medlyn du Luxembourg et Peter le Président.

2) R. Lindsay Gordon est membre du London Maritime Arbitration Association et Mme Jean Richards en conversation avec Mr Michel Kavanagh. Jean est un expert judiciaire Maritime qui à été amenée à intervenir dans les tribunaux de 9 pays différents.

3) Notre autre orateur était Andrew Oliver de Andrew Jackson, Cabinet d’Avocats d’Hull qu est intervenu à propos du Nouvel Acte de Marine et du Littoral.

15Dec 2002

Peter was invited to a Franco-Canadian conference as an expert to the little French Islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon just south of Newfoundland. However surrounded by French Gendarmerie, the Canadian « Mounty » , and the French and Canadian customs men, one starts to have doubts. However, he did assist the French Fishermen, who obtained an Atlantic fishing quota …