Our prize-winners

Peter gives an annual prize since 2004 to the top French Spanish or Portuguese student who sits the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Examinations. The Annual Prizegiving is held in the Autumn each year in the City

Our 12th Prizewinner is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she win our prize, but she also won the Prize offered by Shell Petroleum for the very best paper on tanker chartering by a candidate in the Institutes exams. We are very proud!

Alba studied at Catalonia Polytechnic. Where she studied Marine science/ and qualified a Spanish Merchant Navy Cadet. She also went on to obtain a further degree in Maritime Studies. Since 2010 She has worked as a Ship Operator and Shipbroker.

Our 11th prize-winner is SUSANA PINHO and is our first female Portuguese prize-winner.

She has a Masters degree in Logistics and Port Management, and has completed the Institute’s Professional Qualifying Exams.

She is with Trana Shipping Agents in the Port of Aveiro (Gafanha da Nazaré) just south of Porto. She has been in shipping for 7 years.

2015 She is now Director with Operfoz.

Prize givers and winners at the ceremony held in Trinity House which was followed by a superb cocktail party. Peter is sitting third from right and Virginia Lijacio (2013) is standing just in front of the gentlemen at the back on the right.

Virginia Lijacio. Our 10th Prizewinner successfully passed four of the Professional Qualifying Examinations this year. She is based in Barcelona and worked with Spanmark Chartering SL since 2008.

Virginia is in regular contact with our 2008 Prizewinner Camille Philippe, who is now in Holland. Shipping is a surprising business!

Thibaud Daguet aged 23 fits the profile of our prize-winners perfectly. He is studying a Masters in “Shipping-Trading“. He found the time to commence his ICS Exams.
From the Paris Region, he has worked during the holidays with Shipping companies on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and Montreal in Canada. He is also the founder of the St Nazaire Institute of Technology (Part of Nantes University) sailing association and already has a very respectable yachting career.

On the Right is Dave Barrett from the ICS who awarded his Diploma. On the left is Anne Laure Marriott who is responsible for the University programme. Thibault was awarded his prize at the Nantes Propeller Club dinner.

In the larger group the gentleman to the left of Dave Barrett is the University Director of Management Studies, the three students all obtained passes in their ICS exams.

2015 Thibaud DAGUET works in Bulk Shipping in Paris

Sébastien Renaud won the ICS Prize in 2011. He is a French Merchant Navy Officer and he also has a Masters Degree in Naval Architecture. He is now a fully qualified Chartered Shipbroker.

We attended the Baltic Chairman’s Cocktail Party 2012 with Sébastien Renaud and his wife.

2015 Sébastien RENAUD now works for a Japanese Bank in London in Shipping Finance.

Peter called him in the middle of the Atlantic to tell him he was our 2010 Prizewinner. Today he is now Chief Officer on board

Our first Portuguese 2009 prize-winner was Mr J. L. Marcos. Coming to England at the end of September, he brought us some sun. We were photographed close to the Thames Barges in St Katherine’s Docks in London.

Camille Philippe, Anne-Laure MARIOTTE her lecturer from the University of Nantes and the St-Nazaire Institute of Technology, with Peter JAMES at Trinity House in the City at the end of lunch.

Camille Philippe also obtained a Master’s degree from St-Nazaire.

2015 Camille now operates tankers from La Hague in Holland.

Mr Sébastien Le Roux (French) (on the left) winner of the V J International Prize at the Baltic Exchange just before the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Annual Prizegiving in 2007 with Mr Peter Vaughan JAMES.
2015 Sébastien is working in Lubeck close to Hamburg as a Shipping Manager

In 2006 le VJI Prize was awarded to Celine CHLEBOWSKI (French). On the right is Mr Perraudeau, Director of the Institute of Shipping Management at Nantes University. On the left is Catherine BACON representing Cargill. Catherine is now a Director of the Baltic Exchange. Celine now works in Singapore as a Trader